And now for something completely different…. Mars.

As long as I’ve loved photography, I’ve loved astronomy.  Right now some of the best astrophotography is being taken right on Mars itself by the Curiosity Rover. Not only that, hi-res images are actually available for you to download and play with! I “Like” NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover page on Facebook and saw the image […]

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sunil - nice work and explanation. The ripples in the darker material are interesting :)

Corporate and Commercial Photography

Some companies prefer to go through an advertising agency to have their promotional work done. This is where Commercial Photography lives . . . in association with an ad agency, which usually involves an art director. The agency will at some point contact a photographer and give them a budget for the project at hand.  This budget […]

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Character Portraits

I love to do what I call, Character Portraits.  By Character Portrait, I mean an image that shows something of the subject’s personality. When you decide to do a Character Portrait, the most important thing to do is decide what part (or parts) of your personality or interests you want the image to incorporate. It’s […]

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A Study in Fashion – Focus on a Portfolio Package – Sarah

I have had the honor over the past 5-6 months to work with Sarah as she puts her toe in the waters of the modeling world.   In this post, I’d like to display some of the photos we made for Sarah’s portfolio. Everyone’s portfolio will vary depending on their strengths and where they’d like to take their career. […]

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Character is an interesting thing to photograph.  It begins with intent of what you wish to portray.  From there, you have to decide how far to push or pull the drama. I like to push things so that even when photographing a child, you still see “character”.  Now perhaps the character is what you imagine for […]

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Komen Evansville Race for the Cure Photos are up!

The Evansville Komen for the Cure took the images we made this year at the Race for the Cure and made them available to anyone who would like a print (of virtually any size) for a very reasonable price  donation. Visit to see if you, your loved one, or your group are among the more […]

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Clanton Gang Outlaw

Clanton Gang Re-enactor – Tombstone, AZ

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Tony - Great job of texturizing this fellow. I’ve done similar work, and I’d like to strive to get a Dragan effect which yields another dimension to this texturing process.

Great shot, and great result with texture!

admin - Thanks Tony. I appreciate your comment!

This is a partial Dragan effect. I used some of my own ideas as well as some techniques that I learned from Andrezej himself a number of years ago.

Evansville Ballet’s First Performance

  I just wanted to mention that Evansville Ballet is having their FIRST performance on SATURDAY May 8th at 7:00pm – Central High School Auditorium. Artistic Director, Mark Bush says, “It’s going to be beautiful.” Tickets are available in advance or at the door for $12. If you’re into ballet, come out and enjoy the […]

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